Facilitating Collaboration in ReseArch and Development to Foster Further Innovation in European AeroNautics

Aviation is a vital industrial sector of Europe's society and economy. For several historical reasons the economic activities in this field are unevenly distributed across Europe. Statistics show that also the R&D effort, which always comes along with the aviation, mirrors this allocation. On one hand, there are countries and regions featuring low involvement in aviation research and also low participation in the EU Framework Programmes; on the other – some regions are heavily involved in aviation R&D and are origin of wealth and prosperity. RADIAN is a multi-step project which intends to overcome this misbalance by identification of barriers for international collaboration in aviation research at EU level and by subsequent development and verification of solutions and measures on level of the European regions.

The initial step is to assess the impact of regional, national and international environment on aviation actors. An impact is considered to become a “barrier” in case it has a detrimental nature or significantly differs from the pan-European average. By systematically comparing single impact scenarios for various actors located in different European regions, barriers for cooperation will be identified.

Having this verified knowledge, 12 target regions are identified to derive, verify and execute tailored activity plans aiming at the enhancement of the actor's ability to cooperate by reducing the disadvantageous impact or by the advancement of actor's own assets, knowledge and abilities.

Another field of work of RADIAN is a self-sustaining collaboration platform which acts as a host for transnational exchange. The platform aims at becoming a live portal, for providing personalised information related to the users' interests such as open calls, available funding schemes, recent advancements etc.

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